June 08, 2011


I can breathe easy again - oh, why haven't I been able to breathe easily these past few days you ask? Let me tell you.

I have been looking into upgrading my camera for a while, my rebel has been a great model for me to learn on and start with but I have been feeling the need for something more. After much research and deliberation, I decided that the Canon 7D was the camera for me.

So, I finally made the plunge. I bought it. Ordered my new baby online last Thursday.

Saturday morning, Scott and I were talking about how we would get our wedding invites out if Canada Post went on strike. It was then I had one of those moments from a movie - loud gasp, followed by hand rushing up to my mouth, followed by a sorrowful 'ohhh nooo' - I realize that my precious camera was being shipped through Canada Post and it could possibly get tangled up with all this strike business! And it needed to be waiting for me in Lethbridge when we visit in a couple weeks. Commence freak out.

Today my mom sent me the best message - 'packaged arrived for you today!' - whew, I can breathe again.


Doing a happy dance right now!!

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TEakA said...

Awww I can't imagine how frustrating that would have been if it got caught in the strike! I'll be looking forward so seeing the pictures you take with your new camera.