April 29, 2013

Telling Stories

I recently read Love Walked In by Marisa de los Santos. It was a wonderful book but there was one line that jumped out at me as soon as I read it. It went something like this...

"Clare realized that while she was the main character of her own story and all these people are supporting characters in her story - each of the supporting characters is the main character in their own stories and she was just a supporting character to them."

*The above quote is me paraphrasing the jist of what I read. In typical me fashion I returned the book to the library and forgot to copy out the actual quote and now cannot find it anywhere on the whole wide internet. Of course. Ahem. I digress.*

This quote jumped out at me immediately - I loved how this portrayed the whole 'walk a day in their shoes' idea in a way that was so much more understandable to me. It is so easy to get wrapped up in being the main character. We are so focused on our own stories that we forget to be the best supporting character we can to those who are in our lives. We forget that everyone else has their very own, very different, story they are living.

I think that maybe that is why I like photography so much. The ability to step outside of my story for a moment, an hour, a day and capture someone else as the main character of their story. To put my story aside and really focus on telling someone else's story. To give them a tangible reminder of that chapter of their lives - to essentially say that their story is one worth telling. That it matters.

Photographer is one of my favourite supporting characters to be. Always such an honour to be part of someone's unique story.

 photo infront1.jpg
*photos from last year's photo shoot with Amy & Jordan*

April 26, 2013

Maternity Photography: The Bergsma's

I can barely believe that it was only a few months ago we did this family shoot to announce this pregnancy and now Robin is only a couple weeks away from her due date!!! So exciting!

This family is so wonderful - loved being able to capture them as a family of four before they become five!

 photo ManitobaMaternity-15_zpsd609bc7b.jpg photo ManitobaMaternity-1_zps42ab3202.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-2_zps3a06daf5.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-4_zpsd8087c17.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-5_zpsaf34cb12.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-9_zps3915b759.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-7_zpse576b5c3.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-8_zps0edf835e.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-10_zps71dd4c92.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-11_zpsb705ecec.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-14_zpsffc583cc.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-16_zps0940a50a.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-20_zpsa1bf2235.jpg

April 23, 2013

Maternity Photography: Mallorey & Darren

I think Mallorey & Darren win for the couple I photograph the most. It's so hard to believe that I've captured so many milestones in their lives - dating, engaged, married, and now they are PREGNANT! It is the greatest compliment to have couples repeatedly come back to me - especially a couple as wonderful as these two. I was beyond excited when I learned that Mallorey was expecting!!!

I truly could not be more thrilled for this young family to become three and it was such an honour to document this amazing chapter in their lives. We may have risked hypothermia and frostbitten limbs (who knew we'd have to worry about that in APRIL) but it was totally worth it to make sure we got a shoot in before baby comes!!

 photo ManitobaMaternity-13_zps8825e197.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-1_zps09f8ecdb.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-2_zps72acfe1e.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-4_zpsff0217d4.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-5_zps64b7ae7e.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-7_zps5085ccb0.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-12_zpsd0807494.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-14_zps642168cf.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-11_zps61c527eb.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-8_zpsba09af41.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-10_zpsa6f01b41.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-16_zps557f2a40.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-15_zps77b73a93.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-17_zpsc47fe581.jpg

April 19, 2013


One of my favourite parts of moving back to Canada is that we get to spend the summer amongst our stuff. And I know, believe me I know, that stuff is just stuff but I am a firm believer in only bringing into your home *stuff* that makes you happy. Stuff with a story, with memories, with happiness.

After all - isn't it those little details and moments in everyday life, the stories & memories & happiness, that our life is made up of?

And so, these little details - stuff - I've chosen to bring into our home are ones full of all those things that remind me how precious this life is and just how much I have to be thankful for. Little details that make me happy.

Some stories behind the stuff I love...

This picture frame was given to me as a birthday gift from my Grandma - an amazing woman who I cherish. The bottom book is a travel diary filled with the places Scott & I have visited together. The red book was given to me as a going away gift from the family I lived with in Spain - they wrote little notes inside the cover. We used the mini chests as decor at our wedding. The key I bought in my new favourite city.

 photo IMG_6989_zps0545a252.jpg

The blue suitcase had to come home with me & the birdcage was a gift from Scott's aunt and I love that a little detail from her life was passed onto me. More books - never enough books in my life. These ones from a book fair I stumbled on in Spain.

 photo IMG_6991_zps72c7ec82.jpg

Yes, in my house even the DVD player & wii get prettified. By a thrift store vintage camera and an elephant I bought on a trip to Jamaica with my sister & brother.

 photo IMG_7011_zpsaa2450a4.jpg

We brought home the wooden globe from our honeymoon in Dominican - we bartered with the vendor who's 'store' was a thatched roof hut just down the beach from our resort. The floor was non existent - just sand beneath the shelves of souvenirs. Souvenirs that were in constant danger of the ocean waves getting a little too close.

 photo IMG_7008_zps0c4b13b8.jpg

I made the right choice lugging this treasure home from Phoenix. Little birds from a shop close to my old job in Lethbridge and a thrift store book are keeping it company.

 photo IMG_7003_zps8f5f9ed4.jpg

Two sets of salt & pepper shakers. Both empty. These ones from this trip. The elephants were bought on the first road trip Scott took me on - up to Swan River to meet his Uncle Elmer. Beyond happy I was blessed enough to have Elmer in my life and to have this small token to make me think of him and smile.

 photo IMG_7030_zpsf06102d2.jpg

And I know, I know, that stuff is just stuff and I would have all those memories without it. But this stuff? It makes me happy & our home pretty. And I'm okay with that.

April 17, 2013

Engaged: Tyler & Heidi

I love how he can make her laugh - her whole face lights up as he whispers in her ear. I love how she sneaks in kisses when he least expects it. I love how they weren't even fazed by all the snow on the ground for their 'spring' engagement photos - they just made it work.

It was so much fun to spend the afternoon with Tyler & Heidi capturing their love. Can't wait for their July wedding!! Hopefully all the snow will be melted by then ;)

 photo WinnipegEngagementPhotgraphy_016_zpsc4a3ae46.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagementPhotgraphy_018_zps3d4f30a3.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagementPhotgraphy_019_zps9f74156e.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagementPhotgraphy_020_zpsb06795d3.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagementPhotgraphy_021_zps17e5a58f.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagementPhotgraphy_022_zpsc96c5c6a.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagementPhotgraphy_023_zps21d4f008.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagementPhotgraphy_024_zps978b694e.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagementPhotgraphy_025_zpsdbc87503.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagementPhotgraphy_026_zps1459b15c.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagementPhotgraphy_027_zpsa37aff19.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagementPhotgraphy_028_zps02e53650.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagementPhotgraphy_029_zps26285e7d.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagementPhotgraphy_030_zpsd5e2d019.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagementPhotgraphy_031_zpsba345154.jpg

April 15, 2013

Newborn Photography: Bekka

This little girl stole my heart the second I laid eyes on her. She is beyond cute. Truly, it was all I could do to keep from putting my camera down and just cuddling her! Bekka was the perfect baby during our shoot - it was an absolute dream to capture her adorable wiggly little self. I just loved being able to document this special time for this new family of four.

 photo WinnipegNewbornPhotgraphy_002_zpsa6e12fcf.jpg
 photo WinnipegNewbornPhotgraphy_003_zps1f852c67.jpg
 photo WinnipegNewbornPhotgraphy_013_zpsec1118c5.jpg
 photo WinnipegNewbornPhotgraphy_005_zpsca27e2de.jpg
 photo WinnipegNewbornPhotgraphy_009_zpsc973ae39.jpg
 photo WinnipegNewbornPhotgraphy_006_zps27567aa1.jpg
 photo WinnipegNewbornPhotgraphy_008_zpsd9471f8d.jpg
 photo WinnipegNewbornPhotgraphy_010_zps444dcd5b.jpg
 photo WinnipegNewbornPhotgraphy_014_zps32e7ccc4.jpg
 photo WinnipegNewbornPhotgraphy_012_zps87ba92e4.jpg

 photo WinnipegNewbornPhotgraphy_015_zps772eb19d.jpg
 photo WinnipegNewbornPhotgraphy_007_zps889aa46c.jpg