March 28, 2013

Married: Audrey & Pat

This is a wedding I second shot with Amy & Jordan Photography.

Audrey and Pat are such a beautiful couple, inside and out. Their day was filled with so much love - it was evident in the gorgeous smiles, tear filled eyes, and warm hugs. These two couldn't walk three steps without being pulled into another hug from their wonderful guests! It was such an honour to witness them promise forever and help document it.

 photo 2013-03-22_0006_zps1e365ca9.jpg
 photo 2013-03-22_0008_zpsf2a044ea.jpg
 photo 2013-03-22_0009_zps12e3df3b.jpg
 photo 2013-03-22_0007_zps32a853ab.jpg
 photo 2013-03-22_0010_zpsa3f1ec3c.jpg
 photo 2013-03-22_0011_zpsf214231c.jpg
 photo 2013-03-22_0012_zpscb4f5d0f.jpg
 photo 2013-03-22_0013_zps4d64b2b5.jpg
 photo 2013-03-22_0017_zps04cb1bbd.jpg
 photo 2013-03-22_0016_zps5852a3a5.jpg
 photo 2013-03-22_0014_zps6d6d1c41.jpg
 photo 2013-03-22_0018_zpsb54bfbff.jpg
 photo 2013-03-22_0019_zps3e4c7e31.jpg
 photo 2013-03-22_0020_zpsa3549205.jpg
 photo 2013-03-22_0015_zps3d92700c.jpg
 photo 2013-03-22_0021_zps55b2265b.jpg
 photo 2013-03-22_0022_zps3d724d10.jpg
 photo 2013-03-22_0023_zps76700ad8.jpg
 photo 2013-03-22_0024_zps0f281e8d.jpg
 photo 2013-03-22_0025_zps395e083e.jpg
 photo 2013-03-22_0026_zps91f571bb.jpg

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March 26, 2013

On being present.

Yesterday, Scott & I started our trek from Phoenix, Arizona to my hometown of Lethbridge, Alberta. All in all it will be a 22 hour drive. Don't worry - we break it up into two days. In a few days we will continue on to our summer home in Carman, Manitoba - which means a 12 hour drive.

All this moving and travelling and changing is so bitter sweet. We are sad to leave Phoenix and our wonderful friends, the amazing weather, and all those golf courses for Scott. But we are so excited to get back to our family and friends in Canada. It's a hard, crazy, but so wonderful life we live.

I think we've discovered the secret to making the most of this season of our lives - and really, maybe the secret to making the most of life in general.

We are present. Content. Happy with where we are and what we have.

Wherever we are - we make sure to enjoy where we are and who we are with. Not focusing on missing those who are in our other home. Not counting the days until we pack up and leave or until we can go back. We have to be present in our lives and focus on today and what we are blessed with.

Because; before we know it, we are up and packing again for another move. Life goes by much to fast - it seems like just yesterday that we were unpacking in Arizona and now we are on our way back to Canada.

 photo 2013-02-13_0005_zps8c1f3b4e.jpg

And there is no one else I could imagine living this life with. So blessed.

March 22, 2013

The Draw of The Ocean.

There is just something about the ocean that speaks to me and makes my soul content. Any ocean in any part of the world. Standing looking out into the never ending waves - it just does something for me.

To wrap up our whirlwind two days in my new favourite city we went out to Coronado Island. We held hands and walked along the sandy shoreline with the salty wind blowing in our faces. We dipped our toes into the water and then ran away laughing because it was shockingly cold. He held my flip flops so I was free to snap photos.

'Let's just sit' he suggested. And so we did. Side by side. Staring out at the ocean. I wrapped one arm around his and rested my head on his shoulder. And I felt it. All the reasons the ocean calls out to me - the calm, the serenity, the wonder. I felt gratitude and happiness and love. I felt so blessed to be sitting on that beach staring out at the ocean with my love.

And then, I kid you not, we saw a pod of dolphins surfacing in the ocean just a ways down from us. 6 or 7 we counted. How could I ask for a better ending to our trip than that? Happy heart over here.

 photo 2013-03-22_0001_zps7739dd00.jpg
 photo 2013-03-22_0002_zpsab651dec.jpg
 photo 2013-03-22_0003_zps004154c7.jpg
 photo 2013-03-22_0004_zpsfac717b2.jpg
 photo 2013-03-22_0005_zpse6ec8ce2.jpg

*Truth Time: These photos were actually taken at Mission Beach with my dSLR. I already posted the iPhone photos from Coronado Island and wanted to write about our time on that beach but didn't want to reuse the photos twice!*

March 20, 2013

Sea World.

While in San Diego we had to make the most of our limited time in the city. So, unfortunately, we had to choose between going to the world famous San Diego Zoo or Sea World. I hear you can feed the elephants at the zoo - huge pro for going to the zoo in my books - BUT we decided to go to Sea World because it was something we couldn't do everywhere and I had never been.

Plus, I used up my take-husband-to-the-Zoo-and-make-him-stare-at-elephants-for-hours coupon last year and I don't think I get another one for a couple years now ;)

I wasn't sure what to expect going to Sea World. I honestly thought it was just the couple shows and that's all - maybe a few gift shops thrown in there. My expectations weren't set too high.

I was completely BLOWN away by how amazing of an experience it was.

We had so much fun. SO MUCH. I was probably more excited and giddy than all the six year olds at the park. I couldn't believe all the rides, exhibits, animals, PLUS all the shows!! We jammed so much into our day and STILL didn't see/do everything! We did manage to ride their brand new roller coaster, Manta, a few times though.

Our hands down favourite part of the day was the One Ocean show. Orca's are incredible animals and we were so impressed with this show. We made sure to sit just above the 'splash zone' so we could just laugh at all the people getting SOAKED from the whales splashing the crowd!

I loved every minute we spent at Sea World - truly an amazing experience.

 photo 2013-03-19_0007_zps313e0cf8.jpg
 photo 2013-03-19_0008_zps59c5f927.jpg
 photo 2013-03-19_0009_zps53f1390f.jpg
 photo 2013-03-19_0010_zpsafce59e0.jpg
 photo 2013-03-19_0011_zpse5c34bd2.jpg

March 19, 2013

The time we went to San Diego.

It was on my wish list for a while. Since last year actually. Visit San Diego. I don't know why but it stuck in my head - I needed to go. I just had this feeling that I had to visit this city.

Maybe it was the draw of the ocean. Or the beach.

Maybe it was just the desire to explore a new city I've never been to.

Maybe I knew Scott & I needed this little vacation to spend quality time together before leaving Phoenix and starting our crazy summer lives back home.

San Diego. It was so much better than I could have ever imagined.

We only spent one night and two wonderful days and I am completely smitten. I love this city. From the moment I stepped out of the car and took a deep breath of the salty ocean air - I knew. The soft sand under my feet, the ocean breeze blowing, strolling hand in hand down the boardwalk, dinner down in the Gaslamp District, exploring Sea World, sharing ice cream on Coronado Island. Every moment made me fall more in love.

The time we went to San Diego, in iPhone photos.

 photo 2013-03-19_0001_zps656e5c05.jpg
 photo 2013-03-19_0002_zpscce0ccf2.jpg
I now want to live in a beachfront house. Waking up to the ocean every morning? Yes, please.
 photo 2013-03-19_0003_zps0222a1aa.jpg
 photo 2013-03-19_0004_zpsaf680f38.jpg
 photo 2013-03-19_0005_zps06aacc66.jpg
 photo 2013-03-19_0012_zps6c787d6b.jpg
 photo 2013-03-19_0013_zpsb5a07f20.jpg
 photo 2013-03-19_0014_zps45571756.jpg
So many kids on Spring Break while we were there - we pretended that they were just making Scott Borsa 2013 love hearts in the sand for Scott. He was very popular down there ;)
 photo 2013-03-19_0015_zps493ffed0.jpg
 photo 2013-03-19_0016_zps69809031.jpg
 photo 2013-03-19_0017_zpsb379cc0f.jpg
 photo 2013-03-19_0018_zps6f70bfd7.jpg

March 08, 2013

Married: Ryan & Andrea

This is a wedding I second shot with Amy & Jordan Photography.

They had the perfect fairy tale day - from the castle, to the dress, to the ballroom, to the lantern send off. It was all amazing. This couple is beyond gorgeous. Inside & out. Their happiness was so evident in their beautiful smiles and infected everyone around them. It was just a joy to help document their fairy tale come true.


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