June 28, 2011


Isn't it funny how when you are living at home you cannot wait to get out and live on your own and then once you do - all you want to do is go home again?

I went home for a few days last week. It was wonderful.

To spend time with my family and friend (and my cat who I probably missed the most!) was so great. It was much too short of a trip but I am so happy to have been able to go at all.

Dorothy had it right when she said: "There's no place like home."


The highlight of my trip? This baby right here. My brand new 7D. Love. at. first. site. I look quite calm, but only - oh, 2 seconds - before I was jumping around the living room beyond excited. More to come on this new love soon.


Scott and Angel let me test out my new baby on them. I think they make pretty cute models ;)

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The Smith's said...

man...that is one beautiful camera!!