September 26, 2011

A New Look.

Ta da!! What do you think of the new look??

For a while I have been wanting to define my photography and develop a brand that represents me. My previous blog design/business card was a template I found online and thought was cute. But it didn't have a lot to say about me and who I am.

I wanted a logo that was fun, vibrant, modern. What I want my photo's to be.

Elephants are the one constant favourite in my life, ever since I was four, and the best representation of me. My whole inspiration came from a mosaic elephant I bought in Spain that sits on my computer desk that I look at every single day. Anyone who has known me for any length of time can definitely attest to this elephant obsession.

I also do not have a favourite colour and there was no way I would choose just one that I wanted to define my brand.

Now, a quick shout out to the lady who made my logo vision come to life - Cynthia Korman of Cynthia Korman Photography & Design. She was so wonderful to work with and was prompt with emailing me and keeping me up to date with the progress. No small little change was ever to much to ask. Cynthia, you are amazing!

No pictures on this post today, I don't want to take any focus away from the new blog!

Enjoy :)


paige said...

Adorable!!! I like the font too :)

The Smith's said...

love it!!!

Teaka said...

Yay nice look! I like the textured background and that you were able to include the elephant since it means so much to you. :D Exciting. I hired a gal to redesign my blog too so I'm anxious to see progress. Sadly it'll take a while. :) You're blog gives me hope! :D

Kari Jeanne said...

Thanks everyone!! Teaka I can't wait to see the changes on your blog - it was so exciting to see it all come together here :)