December 21, 2011

Real or Fake?

As Scott & I approach our first Christmas together as a married couple I've been thinking lately about how we will incorporate each of our families traditions into the holidays and what traditions we will create of our own.

Stockings, cookies, turkey dinner, trees.

Ah, trees. Which always begs the question:

Real or Fake?


I think real is the way to go. Scott insists fake.


Thankfully, we don't have a house - or a tree - of our own this year. So the decision can be pushed back at least another year. Phew!

Whichever type of tree you choose - as my friend the Christmas Moose says - Happy Holidays!

1 comment:

Teaka said...

It's such a HUGE choice as a married couple hey. :P Haha kidding.
Jonathan and I both agreed that real trees are always the way to go but sadly since we never spend Christmas in our own home and we've so far just ended up setting up my tinsel tree. It's festive and all but it lacks a certain cozyness to it. I hope next year we'll actually splurge and get a real tree!

Hope you have a wonderful first Christmas as a Mrs. :)