February 29, 2012

The Fix by Jasmine Star.

I sat staring at my computer screen. Frozen in fear with my mouse hovering over the 'purchase' button.

Am I enough of a photographer to warrant going to this?

Jasmine Star was going to be in Phoenix putting on a speaking event. And yes, I was crippled with self doubt and extreme nervousness at the thought of being in a room with a hundred or so other photographers who, cleary, would all be more talented and further into their business than me.

In the end, my creepy blog stalking love of Jasmine Star and the desire to hear what she had to say won out. I bought a ticket.

I am so glad that I did.

The Fix was so much more than I could have ever expected. My mind was honestly blown. Jasmine shares her knowledge so openly and challenges you to push yourself and not settle. Plus, I got to give her a hug. In real life. She official knows that I exist!!

Thanks Sarah for the photo's!

The Fix was about identifying the weaknesses in YOUR own business and setting out ways to change that. This wasn't a one solution fits all - do what I do - type of talk, it was really about finding what works for you & your business.


Another large component to The Fix that Jasmine stressed as very important is making friends and allies within the photography industry. Banding together to make each other better. And honestly, that was my favourite part of the night. Other than the hug from Jasmine ;) I surprised myself by breaking out of my self conscious habits and actually going up to people and introducing myself.

I was so honoured and lucky to meet many great photographers and walk away with new friends. Amy, Jordan, & Vanessa - thank you for being so wonderful. I am so glad that when I had to start a new table at P.F. Changs, and feel like a total loner, you were the ones to sit next to me. I loved spending the evening with you all!


Oh, and sorry again Ashley & Sara for creeping hardcore. I really am not a stalker. I promise.

Thanks Ashley for taking a photo with me!

I left The Fix feeling motivated,inspired, and really - just high on life. There is so much more to come about what I learned at The Fix and changes I hope to implement; but, I have to sort through all the craziness going through my head first!

Yes, I had Jasmine sign my Exposed magazine - I felt like such a groupie! But it was totally worth it.

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Jodi Harris said...

Thanks for sharing your story. So happy to hear that you left feeling awesome and now your ready to 'CRUSH IT'! Jasmine just has that power over people. I felt the same way you did when I met her in Vegas for WPPI. All the best to you.