September 21, 2012

The Perfect Activity

I am, without a doubt, the 'talker' in our relationship. For every 1 word Scott says - I probably say 5. Or 7. Maybe 10. He is the quieter and more introspective partner in our relationship.

One night, he asked me to accompany him on his run - on my bike he suggested. I gladly agreed (anything to spend more time with him!) and hopped on my bike to ride along beside him as he ran. We chatted a little at first; but, as the run went on Scott said less and less until it was pretty much me talking away with him replying with a grunt in the appropriate spot.

'You know what?'

'GRUNT' (which I clearly interpreted as 'what's that my dear?')

'I can just chat away and since I know you're running I'm not expecting you to answer or say anything at all really. This is kind of the perfect activity for us as a couple, eh?

At which point Scott had to stop running so he could double over in laughter. Once he caught his breath...

'Yes love, the very perfect activity.'




Super dark iphone photo's of our run/ride outings. I don't even care how awful they are - they make me smile :)

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The Smith's said...

Hahaha. Ooooh you guys make me smile.