May 13, 2013

Engaged: John & Raelyn

She sank into his arms - it was obvious she felt safe in them. He whispered in her ear and brought a smile to her lips - it was obvious he'd do anything to make her happy. The love between these two - it was obvious.

It was such a joy to spend the afternoon with this beautiful couple.

 photo WinnipegEngagement-1_zps44ad56c3.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagement-3_zps32f2118b.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagement-6_zps6b6e6d26.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagement-5_zpsfd0e07dc.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagement-8_zps5a30f438.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagement-10_zps837380dc.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagement-9_zps80072173.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagement-11_zpsb58feb4f.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagement-14_zpsaf5246fc.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagement-16_zps55d34ec5.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagement-17_zps5df7c40b.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagement-18_zpsa2fe99ed.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagement-19_zpsa7280b9d.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagement-21_zps4af4849c.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagement-22_zps0716bc98.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagement-24_zps4409d082.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagement-26_zpsb07bbbfe.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagement-27_zpsc876a8ed.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagement-28_zps8f62640a.jpg

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