May 10, 2013

On Self Doubt.

I absolutely love when I receive compliments for photos I've taken. Love it. Warms my little heart when someone takes the time to tell me that they really liked a shoot I did or better yet when the people I've taken photos of tell me that they love their photos. It truly is the best feeling in the world.

But then....

A little while later - self doubt kicks in. And I get this sinking feeling....and a voice in my head asks...what if I can't do better than those photos? What if that is the very best I can do? What if someone hires me expecting great photos and I can't deliver? What if I can't come up with new poses? Or locations? I lucked out and it was a fluke I got those great images - I probably won't be able to do it again.

Sometimes that self doubt can be paralyzing.

But then...

It pushes me. To do better and be better. For my next shoot to be even better than the last. To put time into coming up with new poses or locations. To understand my camera more. To research and learn as much as I can about photography so I can be better. To push myself more than I thought possible - closer to the photographer I want to be. Learn from my mistakes and become better because of them.

And, maybe, its a good thing I have that little voice of self doubt. So that I don't become complacent and be fine with the same level of images - with not pushing myself to improve and strive for more. So that I don't settle. To provide images I'm proud of but do even better the next shoot.

It's a bit of a balancing act.... to not drown in my self doubt and become lost and hopeless but to use it as motivation to carry me forward.

 photo ScottKari_53copy_zpscba2b64b.jpg

And when I am drowning - I cling to my life raft and he helps pull me through. 
Photo from our shoot with Melissa Jill.

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Andrea Marie said...

Inspiring! Im so excited to work with you this summer.