May 08, 2013

Nanaimo, BC

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to take a trip out to Nanaimo, BC with my mom to watch my brothers hockey team play in the Western Canada Cup. After a very dreary, snow covered, non spring like April I was more than willing to hop on a plane and get away to greener pastures. The island didn't disappoint. We watched a lot of hockey but thankfully we had a lot of down time to go and explore. I love the west coast - the trees, the ocean, the character, the charm. Everything. This trip did nothing but expand my love more.

We had a little bit slower pace of life for the week we were there and it helped us to really take in and enjoy our surroundings. So thankful for this trip.

I took out my SLR for our day trip to Cathedral Grove but for the rest of the time I documented our trip with my iPhone. Some highlights....

 photo IMG_2943_zps1742b236.jpg
 photo IMG_2946_zps1a2916ce.jpg
 photo IMG_2970_zpsd69cea13.jpg
 photo IMG_3002_zpsee6f5a6d.jpg
 photo IMG_3048_zpsac042d26.jpg
 photo IMG_3063_zpsd66d8d74.jpg
 photo IMG_3089_zps96505023.jpg
 photo IMG_3117_zps2e7cf750.jpg
 photo IMG_3125_zpseec639c3.jpg
 photo IMG_3137_zps23d6d39e.jpg
 photo IMG_3139_zps685b331e.jpg

I may have gone a little instagram crazy....

 photo IMG_2933_zpsdbae6bc4.jpg
 photo IMG_2976_zpsaba7795b.jpg
 photo IMG_3108_zpsc21aff9f.jpg
 photo IMG_3122_zpse305f52c.jpg

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