July 13, 2011

A Book Review!

You may be surprised to be reading a book review on a photography blog; but, this is no ordinary book and definitely deserves some praise!


40 Weeks was written by my soon to be cousin in-law, Paige Beselt. She is a extremely talented writer and I love reading her blog and was so excited to finally get my hands on this treasure. She wrote this book as part of nanowrimo - where you write an entire novel during the 30 days of November. Did I mention she has 7 kids? And homeschools? Yes, I know. She is superwoman.

This tender novel is the written as the pregnancy journal of the main character, Anna, as she is grieving the loss of her first baby while expecting her second. The open and honest emotions Anna writes in her journal pull you in and connect you with this character. She is trying to find this new person she has become - going from having no children, to having two. One in heaven and one growing inside her.

The topics touched on in this novel are ones not openly brought up - grief, miscarriage, abortion, special needs - but are so important to our society as there are many people who deal with all of those. 40 Weeks is so eloquently written that these topics did not feel taboo or harsh but instead brought them to the surface without judgement.

The underlying theme is that all life is precious and God is good - and probably most importantly that He is the one who gives and takes life - not us here on earth - and to put our trust and faith in Him.

Paige, you are truly an amazing writer and I loved every word.

Just a couple quotes from the book that stuck out to me....

"If you were listening to us, you might think that our conversations sound a little one sided, because I always need so many more words to communicate my ideas than Jack does."

Ummm... Paige? Were you thinking of Scott and I when you wrote this?? Because it so perfectly describes the way he and I communicate - expect maybe throw in a few more crazy hand gestures on my side ;)

"I find that I want to uncover my eyes - and take a good, long hard look at what I believe because if it changes with my circumstances, then it's just not good enough."

I love this - such a powerful statement. To question your beliefs to make sure that you believe so deeply that they would never change under any circumstances.

Go here to purchase the book!

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