January 13, 2012

100th Post!

I can barely believe it. I've actually written 100 blog posts. Sure, it's taken me 20 months to do it. But - I did it.

The first year of this blog, I only wrote 20 posts. Then, last May, I decided to push myself to make more of an effort and share more of ME on this little blog. Something it was sorely lacking. After 30 days of posting every Monday to Friday (and doubling the number of posts from year 1!) there was a whole lot more of me going on.

The response I've received has been amazing - thank you to each and every one of you who has spent time viewing my blog. It blows me away whenever someone tells me they likes my photo's and I wanted to cry and hug the first person who told me they like reading what I write. My heart explodes with happiness when I hear of people actually making the recipes I post or when they pick out a gift that is so perfectly me because 'I saw on your blog you like to experiment in the kitchen' (Thanks Victoria for the adorable apron!).

In celebration of 100 blog posts, I wanted to share a little bit more of me. I love reading Abby Grace Photography's blog - especially her '10 Things You Probably Didn't Know'.

So, without further ado...

10 Random Things About Kari:

1) I used to be a competitive gymnast back in the day. Not Olympic level or anything; but, I can still whip out a mean cartwheel.

2) I am allergic to kiwi's.

3) New Girl is rocking my world. If you haven't seen it yet - you need to. So awkward, ridiculous, and absolutely hilarious.

4) The Beatles are my all time favourite band. All you need is love, baby ;)

5) I am irrationally afraid of sea creatures and open water.

6) I want to wear red lipstick. In public. But, I feel silly and can never go through with it.

7) It takes me at least 2 or 3 tries to leave the house. I forget my keys, purse, coffee, phone, or shoes. Or, you know, all of the above!

8) I desperately want to be able to raise one eyebrow. Scott can and is trying, unsuccessfully, to teach me.

9) I can never spell Pheon Phoenix right. I don't know how I lived before spellcheck.

10) Travelling to Thailand and riding an elephant through the jungle is on my bucket list.



paige said...

Ok, that's strange... I'm working on one of those, "tag" posts and some of our randoms are crazy similar. (only opposite: one of mine is that I, sadly, cannot do a cartwheel, and another is my irrational fear of mice ;)You surprise me all the time, Kari, in a good way. You have so much joy *and* substance. I'm so glad we both married into the same awesome extended family!

Abby Grace said...

I want to wear red lipstick too but I'd feel like a fraud if I actually went through with it! We need to both just buck up and do it :). Love this, girl! Thanks for the shout out!