January 26, 2012

The Key Chain I Couldn't Live Without.

Have you ever had that experience - when you find what you didn't know you needed?

You are walking about the Mesa Swap Meet, just browsing. When you find it - that something you can no longer go on living life without.

Dramatic much?

Well, that's kind of how I felt. I needed this key chain. It was so perfectly me - I could not live knowing it existed and I didn't have it.

This key chain is not just your ordinary elephant key chain (is there such a thing??). It is a purse hook key chain. You just hook it over the edge of your purse so when you go to grab your keys, they are right there! No more searching through the depths of your purse to find them! Genius, I tell you. It's just an added bonus to have this cute little elephant hanging on the outside of your purse - I dear you not to smile at the sight of him!


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