March 23, 2012

Chasing Dreams.

Forever ago, Scott told me one of his life dreams was to spend the winter living in Phoenix so he could golf.

I can barely believe that we chased that dream and made it a reality.

This is our last weekend down here in sunny Phoenix before we start our long drive home and I am so incredibly thankful for these past three months. Grateful to dreams coming true. This experience was so much more than we ever thought it would be - and we are sad that it went by so quickly.

However; at the same time, we are excited to get back home. To our family and friends. To the next chapter in our lives. To our own pictures on the wall. To Tim Horton's double double's.

Watch out Canada. We're coming home.

Sunset in Phoenix - appropriate metaphoric photo about our time coming to an end down here? I think so ;)


Teaka said...

Hopefully when you return this new layer of snow will have melted away so you're not greeted by the cold!
I enjoyed your post about your adventures in Phoenix! :D

Mary Marantz said...