May 07, 2012

Second Shooting.

A few months ago, I received the best email. An email asking if I would be interested in second shooting this summer.

I'm pretty sure they could hear me yell 'YES!!' all the way from Phoenix.

I feel so incredibly blessed that Mike & Lisa of Modern Pixel Photography found my name on a list of Winnipeg second shooters and liked my photography enough to ask me to work with them this summer.

Second shooting, essentially helping out the main photographer with ANYTHING at all that they need on a wedding day, is the best possible fit for me right now. We move so often and have such an uncertain future that I can't book many weddings of my own - I just can't promise I'll be in the same place 6, 9, 12 months from now!! This way, I get to do so much more photography and learn from and help out a fellow photographer while adding to my own portfolio and experience. If this isn't a WIN-WIN situation, I don't know what is.

Mike & Lisa, thank you SO much for trusting me enough to ask me to work with you. Thank you doesn't even begin to cover how grateful I am. It's been amazing so far and we're only 2 weddings in!

A photo from the first wedding I second shot with Mike - a movie & theatre themed wedding! Check out Modern Pixel's full post & I'll be posting more of my photo's from the day soon :)

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Lisa said...

I feel like we hit the 'second lottery' (if such a thing exists!). As sad as it is to have to sit out all these weddings, I am thrilled and like a kid in a candy store while waiting for your photos to upload to lightroom! I love love LOVE seeing your take on things!!