November 12, 2012

The First of Many.

Exactly one year ago today, Scott & I promised forever to each other. This is the first anniversary of very many to come. We have been blessed with a very full first year of marriage.

We have spent the last year learning so much about each other. It has been a year full of laughter, tears, challenges, growth, excitement, too many kisses to count. Our souls have been stretched.

We have spent the last year falling deeper in love.

Our love is far from perfect. But I kind of like it that way. We still have so much to learn. The one thing we work on every day? The most important & most difficult & easiest all at the same time?

To let love win.

This amazing gift we've been given - to love another person with all we have - is so incredibly precious. Our problems, troubles, egos - they all come second.

Love wins. Always.


Happy one year anniversary, love! The first of many.