November 23, 2012

I Like Anniversaries.

Last week, it was our one year anniversary. One full year of marriage. A year that we wanted to celebrate. Making it through alive and loving each other more than ever.



We decided to celebrate by going on a little mountain getaway - a night in Banff. It was the perfect anniversary trip to take. Everything was just so wonderful. My heart is full.

Banff, in point form:

- Complimentary upgrade to a suite at our hotel. Super exciting.

- Strolling downtown, holding hands, sipping coffee. Window shopping.

- Country chic wallpaper in our hotel room. Love.

- Hot tub caves. Super love.

- Romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant. My favourite part - talking about all the little details of our wedding day and feeling the love and happiness that surrounded it all over again.

- Realized we are not sophisticated enough to eat at fancy restaurants. We like pretending though.

- Paper gifts. Apparently, the first year anniversary gift is paper. I printed our vows on paper and framed them for Scott. He got me a beautiful leaf necklace. 'Cause, you know, leaves grow on trees and paper comes from trees. Yeah, we're way deep like that ;)

- Surrounded by mountains. Amazing views all around.

- Vintage photographs scattered around the hotel. I'm always a sucker for vintage photographs.

- Scott holding my hand tight because it was icy and I wore the worst possible shoes.

- Laughter. Love. Kisses.


It's official. I like anniversaries.

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