December 17, 2012

Sir Paul McCartney

The Beatles were as much a part of my childhood as any toy or game or book. They were actually more than all of that because their music surrounded and covered everything. Their music seeps out of almost every childhood memory.

They are my dad's favourite band. Really, they are a part of him. You can't describe my dad without mentioning The Beatles. Their music was always on - we had many a family dance party in the living room. I knew all the words to 'Love Me Do' before I could read. So, really, The Beatles are a part of me and my siblings too.

It has been a life long dream of mine to see Paul McCartney in concert. A dream that I wasn't sure would ever come true.

And then, I found out he was playing in Vancouver - I knew this would be my one and only chance. There really was never an option of not going. It was almost as if the stars aligned and gave us the perfect opportunity to make it happen. The perfect timing, the perfect city, the perfect everything. And so, we made a slight detour on our way down to Phoenix. Just, you know, a 14 hour detour.

Standing outside BC Place, it hadn't quite hit me yet. Inside the building looking up at a concert poster with his picture on it, I couldn't quite believe it. Sitting in our seats looking at the empty stage, I was in shock this was about to happen. When he walked out on stage, it hit me. This was happening. My dream came true.

But; also, I was living out my dad's dream. To him, his daughter going to the concert was one and the same with going himself.


It was better than I could have imagined. He played so many of the 'oldies' and put on such an amazing show. Close to the end of the concert, he sat down at the piano and played 'Let It Be' and tears started rolling down my cheeks. Tears of immense happiness, tears full of so many memories, tears for my dad - knowing how happy he would be that I was there, in that moment.

Amazing, amazing, amazing night.