December 04, 2012

We Have Arrived.

In Scottsdale. Arizona. Finally.

Since packing up and moving out of Carman on October 23 - we have been travelling all over and living out of a suitcase the entire way. It was a long 38 days.

Long but so very full. The kind of full that leaves your heart aching from being stretched - because it has been so filled with love. We are so, so, so, SO incredibly blessed with amazing friends and family. Who take us in and let us stay with them and tell us to make ourselves at home. It's a little bit crazy.

We started in Manitoba, then to Moose Jaw, a while in Lethbridge, then Banff, Calgary, Kelowna, Vancouver, Seattle, a night in a hotel somewhere off the I-5 in California, and finally, finally, we arrived Scottsdale.

It was such an amazing journey and I am so glad that we were able to do it and see so many friends and family. But.... this is the hardest part for me of our lifestyle. Of our nomadic ways. The in-between part. The living out of suitcases. The unsettled-ness. The done in one spot not quite in the next spot time period.

BUT.... I am so thankful for it too. It is so very worth it.


Arizona sunrise. Get it? The sun is rising on our time here?! Way deep, I know ;)

Now excuse me - we're off to our annual shopping spree at the 99 cent store.

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