February 25, 2013

Why I Blog.

Last week I lacked motivation and inspiration to blog. I struggled. I didn't have any new photos to post - funny how not taking any photos recently leads to that. So that left me coming up with a topic to blog. Which lead to all those familiar self doubting thoughts and questions - I have nothing interesting to share. What do I have to share that is worth posting? Every single blog out there is better than mine. Do my opinions and thoughts even matter?!

And the one that haunts me most frequently - who even reads this little blog of mine?!

Really, who cares if I even post anything at all?! What? Me? Melodramatic? Nahhhh ;) The struggle I was feeling lead me to ask myself why I was even feeling bad for not posting and feeling pressure to come up with some "great' blog topic.

Why do I blog?

And the answer, brought me out of the depths of self pity and put my feet back on the ground. I blog for me. Just me. It really doesn't matter if anyone reads it (but it is totally awesome when people tell me they do - it makes me happier than I can say, heart hugs people). This little space online serves as my personal journal - to write down and document not only the photos I capture but my life. My thoughts. My experiences. My feelings. That is my main goal with this space. I love looking back at posts that captured a little snippet of life - it helps me to remember and be thankful. For this wild and precious life.

All the other benefits - giving clients a space for me to showcase their beautiful images, connecting with other people, sharing my personality with potential clients so that they hopefully like me and hire me - those are all amazing secondary goals of this blog.

By blogging for myself first - I hope to make my posts as genuine and natural and me as possible. I want those who know me to say "Yes, that is completely Kari" or those who meet me after reading the blog say "Yes, this is the person I thought she'd be". I have to let go of what 'everyone else' is doing on their photography blogs and focus on what this blog means to me and how I want that reflected here.

Why do you blog?


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