February 27, 2013

Our Morning Routine.

I like our mornings down here in Arizona. I like the slow pace. I like savouring this precious gift of time together in the morning. After almost 3 full months down here we have our morning routine all worked out.

He wakes up at least an hour before me. Quietly rolls out of bed and shuts the door behind him as he goes into the living room. This is his alone hour - his time. Lately, he fills this time with episodes of 24. He likes this time to start the day on his own time in his own way.

At 8:45 he puts on the coffee.

At 9:00 he slowly opens the door to the bedroom and gently wakes me up - with kisses if I'm lucky - and tells me 'Babe, it's 9 - Price is Right is starting'. To which I reply with a 'Mhmmmm - be right there.' It usually takes me a couple more minutes to actually drag myself up out of bed. I like stretching and letting my eyes adjust to the warm Phoenix sun coming through the blinds.


I always miss the first contestant.

I walk of the bedroom - shoot him a sleepy grin - and pour us coffee. Mine caramel coloured from the flavoured creamer. His, black. I try to always pour his into his favourite mug - the blue one.


Then I saunter over to the living room and pass him the hot coffee and sit down. I usually shiver after a couple minutes and he passes me the blanket he was using. We sip our coffee and yell our advice at the contestants. They rarely follow it.


Our mornings end with empty mugs and cuddles on the couch. Our mornings make us both happy. The perfect start to the day.

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