April 06, 2012

10 Random Things about the Birthday Girl.

It was always the joke in my family that I was the 'black sheep' and there were many, many, many reasons for this. What I can say? I was one weird little kid.

One reason for my status is because I am the only member of my family with a birthday outside the months of December and January. All the other 5 members of my family fall into those two months. I, the lone black sheep, celebrated a few months later in April. I thought that made me pretty special growing up.

And so, just in case you needed any more convincing about how special I really am, another edition of....

10 Random Things About Kari!

1. Today is my birthday! Cause for celebration world wide - or at least I think so ;)

2. I can not only fold my tongue in half but make it into a three leaf clover. I know, impressive.

3. Raw chicken grosses me out. Like super a lot. It's a texture thing.

4. 'Warm Vanilla Sugar' is my favourite scent from Bath & Body Works. In any form - hand soap, lotion, body mist, candles. I just love it.

5. Friends is the best sitcom of all time. No contest.

6. I have lived in 3 different countries - Canada, Spain, & the States. (The last two for 3 months each) I hope to add to this list.

7. I would love to learn calligraphy.

8. When I get too excited, my body vibrates. Yes, exactly like a little puppy. I just can't contain my excitement!

9. I wish that I liked running. So I could be a 'runner'. But; unfortunately, me and running don't get along so great. I'll just have to stick with yoga.

10. I greatly dislike horror movies. I refuse to watch anything even remotely scary. Once, I jumped so high during a PREVIEW for a scary movie that I tossed my popcorn everywhere!!!

And there you have it, 10 Random Things that make me so very special :)

Yes, that is me pretending to fall over the edge of the Grand Canyon. Oh, so special.

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The Smith's said...

I am glad to learn more and more about you. Especially in 10 easy to read fun facts. Also, I really love the picture of you falling into the Grand Canyon. So great