April 23, 2012


I started this blog almost exactly two years ago and I still remember how excited I was when the first comment was posted. It felt like my heart was just given a little hug.

Knowing that someone has taken the time to even look at my blog and then leave me a little nugget of encouragement left me smiling all day long.

I *still* feel that way whenever someone takes the time to leave me a little comment on a post. Like my heart is being hugged. And so, a long while ago, when I realized I felt this way by people loving and supporting me by leaving comments - why couldn't I make OTHER people feel the same way? Spread the comment love?

Oh that's right - I was crippled by insecurity and fear of putting myself out there, in the comment section. Come on, really? I decided to get over myself and started to leave comments on the blogs that I frequented - to let these people (mainly photographers but other types of bloggers as well) know that I appreciated what they had taken the time to post and enjoyed viewing it. To give them little heart hugs. It started out as mainly 'Great post!' comments and then as I became more comfortable I started posting more a la Kari comments 'SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I absolutely LOVE these images!! That one of the bride doing that thing in the second picture down - GAH!!! You are so seriously amazing!'. I tried to comment on a least every other post if I read their blog every day.

And then, the most amazing thing started to happen. The more I was willing to love and support OTHER people - the more they were willing to come over to my little blog and love and support me! The first time Mary Marantz (believe me non-photography friends, she is a BIG deal) commented on my blog post - I literally fell OUT OF MY CHAIR and then called Scott and yelled the amazing news to him 'MARYJUSTCOMMENTEDONMYBLOGCANYOUBELIEVEITISERIOUSLYCANNOTBELIEVETHISJUSTHAPPENED - *inhale* - SHE KNOWS THAT I EXIST!!!!!!!' To which Scott replied 'HUH?', obviously. But then it starts this wonderful circle of me wanting to leave even more comments on her blog and her coming back to visit mine (Hi Mary! In the off chance that you are actually reading this! I love you in a normal and not at all creepy way!)


It's happened with other photographer's too and even people who consistently see my name pop up in the comment section of other blogs come over to check mine out. Melissa Jill sometimes replies back to the comments I leave on her blog - it makes me SO happy to know she took the time to read my comment and reply back with a little 'Thanks Kari!'. But; even if nothing comes back to me, I am happy knowing I gave someone else's heart a little squeeze. Hopefully made them smile with my overuse of CAPS and !!!!!

So, the whole point of this post is: Amazing things can come from supporting others - especially when you do so from a genuine place.

I dare you - start exercising your comment power more. It doesn't have to be on my blog - it can be on friend's facebook posts even - just keep it positive and supportive. Go ahead, make someone smile today.


Mary Marantz said...

LOVE!! Thank you SOO much for this Kari!! :)


Teaka said...

So true! I found my main way of connecting with other bloggers was to start commenting on their blogs. But not just "Hey I like your blog." type comments but real ones. If I read their article and I liked it I try to make myself say hi to them or make a comment regarding the post. That's what blogs are for, to meet new people, talk to them and start the interaction. So fun!

P.S. I loved this post. Captures my same feelings when I get a comment! :D

paige said...

i'm totally a commenter too. :) Blogging *is* kind of a conversation, isn't it?

Amy Demos said...

Kari!! I LOVE this!! You make me laugh out loud. Like actually out loud not a fake internet "lol." And Mary Marantz commented on this!! You're famous!!