April 13, 2012


Recently, I went two whole weeks without a cell phone. And let me tell you, it was painful. I hated not being able to get in touch with family and friends - or having to go to extra lengths to do so. I commandeered Scott's phone more than once. Gave out HIS number so people could get in touch with ME. It made me realize just how reliant I am on technology - I was seriously lost without a cell phone! Like I was missing a piece of me!

Thankfully, this past Tuesday, my suffering was ended when UPS finally made the delivery I had been waiting for. A little white box with silver lettering on the outside. The third limb I felt I had been missing. My connection back to society.

My iPhone 4s.

And now, I finally feel like one of the cool kids. Playing Draw Something, downloading the Pinterest App, posting Instagram photo's, and asking Siri to please "Text Scott."


Wait, what? Cool kids DON'T kiss their iPhones?!?!

Well at least I have the coolest case around - which I purchased a whole month before my phone even arrived! Thanks Amazon.com :)


The best part though - feeling connected again.

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Teaka said...

Oh man I too would be a tad lost without my phone. I like to pretend I don't depend on it but deep down I know I would forget so many things, and miss that constant interaction...regardless if there a so many people around me. Haha
What an awesome case too! :D