January 21, 2013

2013: Goals

I know that its a little late in the month to be posting my 2013 goals - but better late then never, right?! I wanted to take my time and really evaluate what I wanted to set my sights on this year - what is important and necessary to improve my life and my photography.

If I can make a theme to my 2013 goals - I want it to be effectiveness. Especially in the sense of effect vs efficient. I am very good at being busy, multitasking, crossing to-do's off lists; but, is what I am busily doing actually worth doing. Is it an effect use of my time? Is it intentional and purposeful? Am I using my time to do something worthwhile - things that will move me forward and make a difference in my life and the life of those around me?

And so, my goals to make 2013 a more effective year.


Less Time on Social Media.

Especially when I am in the presence of other people. Real people in real life should always take precedent over internet world. It is just such a habit - and it is so easy with technology - to constantly check Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. We don't even really think about it anymore - its more like a reflex. And social media just sucks you into it's black hole of time wasting vortex. "Oh, I'll only spend 5 minutes quickly looking at Pinterest." Said no one. Ever.

Yoga Twice a Week.

I really, really enjoy yoga and stretching and for so long I've said I should do more at home. This is the year to make it a happen. Work it into my weekly routine. If I put it out there then hopefully I'll feel more accountable.

Teach Scott How To Use My Camera.

So, you know, I can actually BE in some photos now and then. And don't worry, Scott has verbally agreed to wanting this too. I'm not forcing him! Promise!

Read the Bible Daily.

I've started reading The One Year Bible every year for the past two years - there are small readings already separated into all the days of the year for you - and I usually do really good until June or July and then I skip a few days here and there and before you know it I'm months behind where I'm supposed to be. This is a priority this year.


Branch into Senior Photography.

Weddings are my main love, but it is a little hard to book clients when I move so much! So, since I enjoyed this shoot so much, I want to branch out and pursue doing High School Senior Photography. It is so huge down in the states and I think it can be in Canada too. My hope is to book 5 senior sessions.

Update my Blog

I really want to make this space look more professional and attractive to potential clients as well as reflect more of my personality. Unfortunately, spending the big bucks on a new website & blog just isn't possible at this point (and I don't want to just do a template website that is cheap and unoriginal only to upgrade and change it in a couple years) so updating this space to have a more effective impact will have to work for now!

Consistent Style

I want my photographs to have a consistent style that is distinguishable and reflects my brand while capturing the unique personalities of my those in front of my camera. I want my photos to be fun, vibrant, and authentic. I want to be very intentional about how I compose, edit, etc to reflect the outcome I want - instead of just doing what everyone else is doing.

Improve Posing

To capture more authentic emotion. The main idea I have to accomplish this is to have more movement in my posing to allow couples/families/children to really be themselves in the pose and make it their own. Also really need to improve on articulating myself better and more effectively to achieve the pose/look I am aiming for.


A photo from New Years Day. Working on our marriage is always a priority
 for us - not because it is fragile; but, because it is worth fighting for.  

Writing these goals down in a blog post and sharing them is scary. Hopefully by putting my goals out into the world I will feel more accountable to achieve them. And, an inspiring friend shared a fact that say people who write down their goals actually make more money over their lifetime than those who don't! What are some of your goals this year? Did you write them down?

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