January 30, 2013

On Being Content.

It seems that today, being content has taken on a bad connotation. People seem to look down on content - look on it as lazy or uninspiring. But, I have to disagree. The definition of the word is so amazing: 'in a state of peaceful happiness'. Amazing. Who doesn't want peaceful happiness?!

So often, our happiness is conditional. I'll be happy if... or I'll be happy when... we all fill in the blanks differently. If, I lose 10 pounds. If, I book 5 weddings. When, we live in one spot for more than 6 months. When, we have lots and lots of money.

What makes us think that achieving these arbitrary things will finally make us happy?

If we can't appreciate our life and find happiness in it exactly as it is today - then when will we ever be happy? How will having more money make me happy - won't I just want for even more money? And so, today, I am choosing to be content. That if this is all I have in life - it is enough. I am happy. I am at peace. A state of peaceful happiness.

That doesn't mean that we can't dream and strive to achieve more greater things for our life. Of course, we can and should still dream big dreams and do whatever we can to achieve those dreams. BUT my happiness will not be dependant on achieving those dreams. I have absolutely everything I need to be happy right this very moment. I think we all do. We just have to choose that it is enough. That our happiness isn't conditional. Right in this very moment - we can choose to be content.

Some photos that are making me happy today.

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