March 26, 2013

On being present.

Yesterday, Scott & I started our trek from Phoenix, Arizona to my hometown of Lethbridge, Alberta. All in all it will be a 22 hour drive. Don't worry - we break it up into two days. In a few days we will continue on to our summer home in Carman, Manitoba - which means a 12 hour drive.

All this moving and travelling and changing is so bitter sweet. We are sad to leave Phoenix and our wonderful friends, the amazing weather, and all those golf courses for Scott. But we are so excited to get back to our family and friends in Canada. It's a hard, crazy, but so wonderful life we live.

I think we've discovered the secret to making the most of this season of our lives - and really, maybe the secret to making the most of life in general.

We are present. Content. Happy with where we are and what we have.

Wherever we are - we make sure to enjoy where we are and who we are with. Not focusing on missing those who are in our other home. Not counting the days until we pack up and leave or until we can go back. We have to be present in our lives and focus on today and what we are blessed with.

Because; before we know it, we are up and packing again for another move. Life goes by much to fast - it seems like just yesterday that we were unpacking in Arizona and now we are on our way back to Canada.

 photo 2013-02-13_0005_zps8c1f3b4e.jpg

And there is no one else I could imagine living this life with. So blessed.

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