March 20, 2013

Sea World.

While in San Diego we had to make the most of our limited time in the city. So, unfortunately, we had to choose between going to the world famous San Diego Zoo or Sea World. I hear you can feed the elephants at the zoo - huge pro for going to the zoo in my books - BUT we decided to go to Sea World because it was something we couldn't do everywhere and I had never been.

Plus, I used up my take-husband-to-the-Zoo-and-make-him-stare-at-elephants-for-hours coupon last year and I don't think I get another one for a couple years now ;)

I wasn't sure what to expect going to Sea World. I honestly thought it was just the couple shows and that's all - maybe a few gift shops thrown in there. My expectations weren't set too high.

I was completely BLOWN away by how amazing of an experience it was.

We had so much fun. SO MUCH. I was probably more excited and giddy than all the six year olds at the park. I couldn't believe all the rides, exhibits, animals, PLUS all the shows!! We jammed so much into our day and STILL didn't see/do everything! We did manage to ride their brand new roller coaster, Manta, a few times though.

Our hands down favourite part of the day was the One Ocean show. Orca's are incredible animals and we were so impressed with this show. We made sure to sit just above the 'splash zone' so we could just laugh at all the people getting SOAKED from the whales splashing the crowd!

I loved every minute we spent at Sea World - truly an amazing experience.

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