May 23, 2011

Adventures in Sewing.

I like to think of myself as a somewhat crafty person; however, it has been years since I've sat in front of a sewing machine. It's just like riding a bike right?

Ummm... a incredibly difficult to ride bike that comes with no instructions and has teeny tiny holes that you have to thread string through. Just like riding a bike.

My adventure started when Scott asked me to let out a pair of his dress pants. 'Sure, no problem hun - I can totally do that for you.' 2 months later, I finally got up the courage to attempt it. First of all, I borrowed Scott's mom's sewing machine and then I started with the easy part - taking the pants apart. Ripping seams? I can handle that no problem. No seam ripper? I'm resourceful, bring on the scissors. Finally all seams out, pants pinned to the right length, pressed, ready to go. My grade 7 home ec teacher would be so proud.

Now it's time to tackle the beast and thread that sewing machine. I go up and through and down and around and finally thread the needle. Bobbin in, check. Practice on scrap fabric - epic fail. My method of problem solving - call mom. After a 20 minute phone conversation where she walked me through all the possibilities of why it was not working correctly and her googling the Brother sewing machine manual, we got it figured out. It worked!

An hour later, after 7 1/2 actual minutes of sewing, mission accomplished.





Epic Fail.

The finished product :)


paige said...

woo hoo! Neil would be proud - i have wrecked *too many* pairs of his pants :(

TEakA said...

Cheers to conquering your sewing machine! It's always worth it in the end. Love the pics!