May 04, 2011

Green, for golf.

My soon-to-be husband is a professional golfer. He lives and breathes golf. Before I met him, I had played one 9 hole round in grade 10. Needless to say, my golf skills are lacking. Last summer I came to realize that if I wanted to spend more time with him during the golf season I should probably learn to golf, I will never ever get even close to his level of golfing but I wanted to be able to go out on the course with him and us both enjoy it (instead of me being exceptionally frustrated because it took me 7 swings to actually hit the ball!)

So this summer in an effort to improve my golf game - and try to figure out just what it is about this silly game my fiance finds so wonderful - I joined the ladies golf league. Once a week, 9-holes, with only ladies. I can do this, right? 'Get comfortable with being UNcomfortable!' as my fitness idol, Julian Michaels screams at me from her work out DVD. How can I possibly become more comfortable out on the golf course without first pushing through the uncomfortableness and self consciousness of learning?

Last night was the kick-off and we had an only for fun scramble, and I have to admit - I really did enjoy myself. It was so nice to be out there with ladies closer to my skill level who were all very encouraging and just out there to have a good time. I still have a long way to go but I am hoping that each week I will slightly improve and also slightly like this game, that is *forever* going to be in my future, just a little bit more.

I asked Scott what colour I should paint my toenails. His answer: "Green, for golf."


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