May 26, 2011

To Do Lists.

I have a love hate relationship with 'to do' lists. I love to make them and cross things off when completed but I hate when I don't get things finished and crossed off and I also hate when the lists are full of things I really don't want to do.

Like clean the kitchen. It's been on my list for, oh, 3 days now. Seriously, tonight it's getting crossed off.

I tell myself that I make these lists because I love to be super organized and such; but, I am starting to realize the real reason for these lists is that I will completely forget to do anything if it's not written down. Short term memory problems? Uhhh.... where was I going with this? Yeah, definitely not me.

I've been quite busy this week and it seems my lists this week just keep getting longer and longer with less crossing off. But this new pen I bought is so wonderful it makes writing more things down almost enjoyable. Almost.



That's all I've got for today, a random glimpse into what's on my mind right now.


paige said...

i like the idea of a 'to do' book - then you can keep it from day to day & not have scraps of lists laying around...

Kari Jeanne said...

Exactly! If I don't write things down in a book then I'll just end up losing the papers and really never get anything done!