May 13, 2011

Back Button Focus

The biggest photography 'ah ha' moment of my life happened the other day, when I finally figured out how to use the back button focus on my camera!

I had heard a lot about this illusive focusing technique but had yet to put the time and effort into figuring it out for myself. I was still using the half compressed shutter button as my way of choosing my focus point in my pictures. Well, maybe choosing isn't the right word - every time I halfway pushed down that button I was hoping and praying my camera would figure out what I wanted to be in focus. Which could become exceptionally frustrating when me and my lovely camera were not on the same page, focus wise.

Now, I simply press the * button on the back of my camera and viola - I am actually in charge of what the focus point is! I still have a lot of practicing to do in order to become comfortable and confident with this change; but, I am sensing a lot of good things to come of it.

And what's a blog post without a pretty picture!


I first found out about this amazingness here.

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