August 19, 2011

Appreciation List

A friend of mine posted an 'Appreciation List' on her blog. I absolutely love this idea. Life is so busy & how often do we take the time to write out the things/people we appreciate and are so thankful for? I think you see where this is going....

My List of Appreciation.

- for my wonderful fiance, Scott. He is truly my rock. My soul is happy because of him. I could write a whole list just on him. But I won't, well not right now anyways.

- for a roof over my head. I complain of its problems a lot. But, I love having this cute, old, little house to call our own.

- for a great, if not slightly odd, family. You might remember them from this post.

- for a great soon-to-be-inlaw family. I am so truly blessed to be welcomed into this amazing family & extended family.

- for the ability to take photo's. This alone brings so much joy to my life, I would be lost without it.

- for everyone who puts up with all of my wedding talk. Seriously, I don't know how you all can stand it.

- for prayer. Because He never tires of listening to me.

- for books.

- for the Friend's seasons on DVD. We do not have cable this summer, so I watch a lot of Friends, like a lot.

- for the internet. Again, no cable. This is how I keep my sanity.

- for Ten Spa. I just went this past weekend. Best. Massage. Ever.

And for so many other things. But I'll keep it to that for now. I'll post another list when I am in need of a reminder of how lucky and blessed I am for living the life I do.


Photo's from the wonderful Genevieve Renee.

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