August 17, 2011

How To: Glitterize Your Shoes.

And yes, glitterize is a word. If my iMac can learn this new word - so can you :)

Today I will be showing you how to glitterize your shoes. This can work on any type of shoe in any material. Lots of the tutorials I found said to use patent leather, but the shoes I used were satin and it worked just fine.

First, you gather your materials. You will need: Mod Podge, painters tape, a spongy brush, the all important glitter, & design master shine clear gloss spray.


Cover the bottoms of your chosen shoes with tape - as well as any other part you do not want to get glitter on. Next, mix your Mod Podge and glitter. I suggest using a couple tablespoons of Mod Podge and a lot of glitter. Then, take your spongy brush and spread the glitter mixture in a thin layer all over your shoes. Don't freak out when your first layer looks like this:


It dries clear, I promise. Once the first layer is dry to the touch (30-45 minutes), repeat with a second & third layer, and if you really want - a fourth. Really, can there ever be too much glitter?

Once you have the desired amount of glitter on your shoes, let it dry overnight. The next day, stuff the insides with paper towel and spray the outsides with a clear coat or two to protect the shoes.


And voila! Beautiful, glitterized shoes! Mod Podge is seriously amazing - it dries clear, keeps all the glitter on the shoes, and is still flexible so you could totally do this to flats!



You just might be seeing these beauties on a special day this November ;)

Now go! Glitterize your boring footwear!!

PS. This project does not have to get glitter everywhere in your house - just be a little more careful than I was or do it outside :)

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Teaka said...

Oh my GOSH! LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! You did an amazing job on your shoes! They look right out of a magazine!
Awesome! :D