October 22, 2012

The Whole Story

Tomorrow, we are packing all of our belongings into a U-Haul and moving out of Carman. After moving in last April we stayed here only for a summer that went by so incredibly fast.

Why,are we moving again so soon you ask?

I've come to realize that our life is an exceptionally unorthodox life. A nomadic life that needs a little more explaining that a quick one line answer. And so, I thought it was finally time for me to write down and share the whole story. Our love story. The story of our wild & crazy life.

Scott & I met at Lethbridge College in January 2009. I had accidentally taken a Marketing class with the Professional Golf Management section - I walked in on the first day to a class full of boys. Not a single girl in that class - just me. Needless to say, he noticed me.

And then, it went as most love stories go. He wooed me and I fell for him. Hard.

The only problem - he lived in Manitoba in the summer and I lived in Lethbridge, Alberta. We spent 8 out of the first 9 months of our relationship living very very far away from each other.

We knew we couldn't have that amount of distance between us again and so, when he came back out to Manitoba to work the summer of 2010, I followed him. We liked Carman so much that we came back for three more summers - and counting. Scott is a Golf Professional and works at a golf course, teaches, and plays in tournaments during the summer.

Everyone knows that Canada, Manitoba especially, gets a little too cold in the winter for golf. So, we follow that good golfing weather. Last winter was our first staying in Phoenix and we loved it. For many different reasons, but most importantly, it gave Scott the chance to practice and play so much more golf and to really pursue his dream of playing golf professional (meaning that he would only play in tournaments and not work at a course anymore) on a tour - preferably the prestigious PGA tour.

Right now, while we can, we are chasing that dream with everything we have. I would hate to look back in 10 years and wish we had done more.

Photography as a full time career is my dream - but, it's not time sensitive. My career can happen any place and at any time. I take photo's everywhere we go and am spending this time putting everything I can into gaining as much experience and expertise as I possibly can. So, when the time comes for us to live somewhere a little more permanently, I will be able to dive headfirst into making my dream a reality.

We are making our way back to Phoenix for a second winter and after that..... we have no concrete plans. Guess we'll find out as we go :)


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