June 06, 2012

Complete Randomness.

Because I sometimes feel so very random - here is a completely random post today.

Things I've been loving lately....


Why have I waited so long to watch this show?!?!?! It's on Netflix and I've already burned through Season 1. Just a warning if you want to start watching this show - don't eat anything while watching. Trust me.

This song.

Just everything about it. It's rocking my world.


Slowly, very slowly, my golf game has been improving and my score getting lower. I am so surprised how much I've been enjoying this ridiculously frustrating game!


I've really been trying to document more of my own life and I just love posting instagrams. They make my heart happy. Plus it's just so fun to go through and pick which 'effect' to add to the picture :)

Lazy mornings.

I love me a good cup of coffee and being able to relax on the couch while drinking it? Yes, please.


I had my first one of the year yesterday - cream soda, the best flavour ;)

And just when you thought it couldn't get any more random...


Yes. That is me in a bunny costume.

Happy Wednesday!

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