June 25, 2012

My Favourite Part.

I love wedding ceremonies. The I do's, the kiss, the rings, the tears, the love. Just everything about them.

However, I have a favourite part. And it's not a moment that most people would choose. It the moment right after the couple signs the registry...

...they are standing off to the side to allow their witnesses to sign. And those few short moments, they are the first the newly married couple have to themselves. They get to hold hands and quietly whisper to each other with no one listening and smile together over what they just promised - to love one another forever.

It's a beautiful moment - special, unscripted. The couple can simple love in their own way. This past weekend, at Darren & Mallorey's wonderful wedding, that moment was absolutely confirmed as my favourite part of the wedding ceremony.

I think their smiles and their eyes full of love tell it all....


1 comment:

paige said...

you are such a rad photographer 'cause you SEE this stuff :) Love that about you... & told scottie we want you to try to take some of us if we manage to meet up this fall :)
(ps - he was bragging about you... saying how good you've gotten. Team borsa is kind of awesome.)