June 15, 2012

Life Saver.

Okay, okay, it's really more of a time saver - but I have just a tiny flare for the dramatic. Or so Scott tells me, daily.


Moving on....

I had heard of some of my favourite photographers talk about this tool they used to resize and brand their photo's for their blogs. To be honest, I thought that I just wasn't nearly a big enough deal to be using the same applications as Jasmine Star. So I looked into it and decided to wait.

Oh, if only I could go back and time and start using this amazing tool then. It would have saved me SO much time.


AKA the best time saver, possibly ever, when it comes to blogging images.

It is so easy to use - just drag and drop, choose the images you want, and stomp it. It even automatically saves the image in a folder on your desktop. Amazing. Life saving. Okay, okay, time saving.

I used to open each image in photoshop, run an action to resize, then move it to a template, watermark it, and have to save each image separately. Yeah, not fun and very time consuming.

What used to take me 30 minutes now takes less than 5. And I have a new best friend. Well, at least when it comes to blogging :)

AND then even have a free demo for you to download and try. Go and do it. Go now. It will be your LIFE SAVER. Okay, okay, TIME SAVER!

Just to make this post a little prettier - a photo from Paris. My heart yearns to go back to Europe. But that's another post for a another day :)

Resized & watermarked perfectly in .075 seconds. It just might be a new record!

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