June 22, 2012

The Creamer to my Coffee.

Dear Scott,

I know that I can be difficult sometimes. Needy, whiny, selfish. I have a messy car, leave lights on, talk during tv shows, and seem to need a million hugs and kisses everyday.

And yet, you love me. You clean my car, shut off lights, only shush me on occasion, and seem to like the million hugs and kisses I give you everyday. You fill my gaps perfectly.

So really, this is a thank you. For bringing me flavoured creamers at work when I complain about having to use coffee mate. For reading between the lines and knowing what I need - even when I don't ask. For the little things you do everyday. And for so much more.

Thank you for being the creamer to my coffee and making my life so much sweeter. I am so very blessed.

I love you,



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