July 16, 2012

10 Random Things About....


Today is my handsome, funny, wonderful husband's birthday! Instead of writing some mushy post about how much I loooooove him and appreciate him (which he already knows - don't worry!) I thought we would do something a little more fun...10 Random Things About the Birthday Boy!

Scott came up with all 10 - okay, I helped a little - but he said I could only blog them if he was allowed to use twitter #hashtags on each; because, as he says #twittersawesome

And so, in a first on this blog, written by Scott himself:

10 Random Things About Scott!

1. My middle name is Jack Nickolas - not intentionally after the golfer. #luckycoincidence

2. Favourite food group is candy. Preferably sugar coated. #sourpatchkidsrock

3. I didn't read a book longer than 30 pages until university - now I've read all 7 Harry Potter's, 3 Hunger Games, and dozen's of others. Kari's takes credit for this change. #bookworm #gryffindorforlife

4. I have a special talent of ad-libbing new lyrics to popular songs. #Mr204 #itmakesherlaugh

5. My favourite colour is orange. #itsthenewblack

6. Hadn't left North America until our honeymoon. #funinthesun #islandfever

7. Never had a pet. #fakingallergies

8. I would take Kari's youngest brother, Michael, as my teammate on Amazing Race before I would take Kari. #suckitaron #sorrykari

9. Have played in a competitive golf tournament in 7 provinces - B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, & New Brunswick. #3togo #lovemyairmiles

10. My closet has more clothes, shoes, & hats than Kari's - and believe me, she has a ton of clothes. Mine is mainly full of golf apparel. #cantfindanythingtowear


I hope you all enjoyed a little insight into the awesome man that I married :) Love celebrating him on his birthday!


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8. #youvemadeahugemistake #forgotasibling

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