July 13, 2012

Shiny & New.

It's been on my wish list for a long time now. I've been dreaming and hoping for a shiny new cruiser style bicycle. Or 'la bicyclette' as I say to Scott - you know, to up the cool factor even more. Saying things en francais always up's the cool factor.

I wanted a cruiser style bike for many reasons. Besides the obviously cool factor it would add to my life, it would actually make riding a bike more comfortable for me. I have very bad wrists from doing gymnastics and so a mountain bike, where you lean forward and put a lot of weight on your hands, would cause my wrists to ache and hurt after only a couple minutes. Enter super cool solution of the vintage inspired cruiser bicycle.

There was only one tiny hindrance to fulfilling this dream of mine - money. I could not afford the fancy price tag on a Schwinn bike, and to be honest, a lot of the other cruiser's I saw. Then, a co-worker mentioned she bought a reasonably priced cruiser bike - I must have scared her a little when I practically yelled at her: 'WHERE DID YOU GET IT?!?!?!'

Thankfully I was able to have one ordered to our little town's Home Hardware and have my dream's come true. Shiny, new, and perfect. *sigh*


Isn't she beautiful?!?!

I went out to take these photo's and my neighbour was out back - it would have been fine if it was Scott who snapped this photo for me; but, oh no I had to tripod/self time it up with my neighbour and her little granddaughter watching the whole thing. *Embarrassing* Whatever it takes to get the photo right?!


Oh white wall tires, you complete me.



See that? Yup, one speed.


I've already decided this hat is going to be my riding bonnet - for those day's I don't want my hair to billow in the wind as I ride ;)


Now I just have to decide if I should add a basket to this beauty - up the cool factor even more. Oh my heart is just so happy.

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The Smith's said...

Oh my goodness you are hilarious!!
"in case i dont want my hair to billow in the wind"
you had to set your tripod up with your neighbour watching?!
sooo many fabulous things about this post.
and ps, she is a BEAUTY!! love it