July 30, 2012

Wherever You Are.

I was driving home last night, after second shooting two weddings in two days, thinking about nothing and everything when this song came on. And a line that I haven't paid much attention to before jumped out at me...

Home is wherever I'm with you.

Scott & I don't have a permanent 'home' of our own - our nomadic lifestyle has lead us through 5 different houses in 3 years. The only constant? Home, for us, is where we are together.

Wherever that may be. My heart is at home with his. Wherever I am with him.


This next month is going to be crazy busy. The good, dream chasing, reality making kind of busy and I love that this song line was brought to my attention when it was. A perfect reminder that no matter what Scott & I are doing or where we are - we find our comfort and home in each other.

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