April 12, 2013

Dream Chasing.

It was an offhand comment from our landlord....

We had just gotten the keys for our new place, signed all the papers, handed over the rent cheques. I already had a liking for this new landlord of ours because he bent the rules a little to let us rent in the first place. We got to chatting - our winter in Phoenix came up. "I don't mean to pry - but why do you go down there?" He asked. Everyone asks. "To practice and play and really work at improving my golf game so I can compete better in the summer" Scott answered.

"Awesome. I love when people chase their dreams"

....I was a little taken aback that this man we had just met not only put his finger on exactly what we are doing - he commended us for it. It made me pause. It made me smile. It made me happy to have a tiny morsel of support, instead of the usual 'you guys are crazy' response, for our dream chasing life right now.

So, to all you dream chasers out there. I commend you. For being brave enough to make risks and chase your dreams.

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