April 19, 2013


One of my favourite parts of moving back to Canada is that we get to spend the summer amongst our stuff. And I know, believe me I know, that stuff is just stuff but I am a firm believer in only bringing into your home *stuff* that makes you happy. Stuff with a story, with memories, with happiness.

After all - isn't it those little details and moments in everyday life, the stories & memories & happiness, that our life is made up of?

And so, these little details - stuff - I've chosen to bring into our home are ones full of all those things that remind me how precious this life is and just how much I have to be thankful for. Little details that make me happy.

Some stories behind the stuff I love...

This picture frame was given to me as a birthday gift from my Grandma - an amazing woman who I cherish. The bottom book is a travel diary filled with the places Scott & I have visited together. The red book was given to me as a going away gift from the family I lived with in Spain - they wrote little notes inside the cover. We used the mini chests as decor at our wedding. The key I bought in my new favourite city.

 photo IMG_6989_zps0545a252.jpg

The blue suitcase had to come home with me & the birdcage was a gift from Scott's aunt and I love that a little detail from her life was passed onto me. More books - never enough books in my life. These ones from a book fair I stumbled on in Spain.

 photo IMG_6991_zps72c7ec82.jpg

Yes, in my house even the DVD player & wii get prettified. By a thrift store vintage camera and an elephant I bought on a trip to Jamaica with my sister & brother.

 photo IMG_7011_zpsaa2450a4.jpg

We brought home the wooden globe from our honeymoon in Dominican - we bartered with the vendor who's 'store' was a thatched roof hut just down the beach from our resort. The floor was non existent - just sand beneath the shelves of souvenirs. Souvenirs that were in constant danger of the ocean waves getting a little too close.

 photo IMG_7008_zps0c4b13b8.jpg

I made the right choice lugging this treasure home from Phoenix. Little birds from a shop close to my old job in Lethbridge and a thrift store book are keeping it company.

 photo IMG_7003_zps8f5f9ed4.jpg

Two sets of salt & pepper shakers. Both empty. These ones from this trip. The elephants were bought on the first road trip Scott took me on - up to Swan River to meet his Uncle Elmer. Beyond happy I was blessed enough to have Elmer in my life and to have this small token to make me think of him and smile.

 photo IMG_7030_zpsf06102d2.jpg

And I know, I know, that stuff is just stuff and I would have all those memories without it. But this stuff? It makes me happy & our home pretty. And I'm okay with that.

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