April 05, 2013


We don't have a permanent home of our own. We rent a new place every time we move. Which means we pack - and unpack - a lot. It's kind of overwhelming at times which is why I probably block it all from my memory as soon as its over!!!

My brain is all scattered right now as we unpack our lives in our new place. So point form for all the randomness it is:

- Fairly certain we are single handedly keeping U-Haul in business. I'm starting to think it would be cheaper if we just bought our own moving van.

- Our cutlery has gone missing. Somewhere in our move it disappeared. No where to be found yet. In the interim, plastic is it.

- I have WAY too many clothes. I forgot just how many I didn't take down to AZ this year. Closet purge in the very near future.

- Our new place is way awesome. Granite counter tops with lots of space and a brand new oven. Can't wait to start baking.

- Second story condo means lots of trips up and down stairs while moving.

- I love our summer bed (as in the bed we only use in the summer and store in the winter). It is so comfortable I never want to leave it.

- Our couch didn't fit into this place. Literally could not get it through the door. Super sad about it. Thankful for friends who don't mind switching couches for a few months!

- Contemplating selling our too big couch.

- There is way too much snow here. 4 feet sitting on the lawn in front of our building. No way that is melting very quickly!

- Upside: Since the golf course is all covered in snow I get a little more Scott time before he starts work next week. Sneaking in all the hugs and kisses I can.

 photo 2013-04-04_001_zpsccb72e12.jpg

Happy to have the move over with and settled into one place for a little while :)

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