April 26, 2013

Maternity Photography: The Bergsma's

I can barely believe that it was only a few months ago we did this family shoot to announce this pregnancy and now Robin is only a couple weeks away from her due date!!! So exciting!

This family is so wonderful - loved being able to capture them as a family of four before they become five!

 photo ManitobaMaternity-15_zpsd609bc7b.jpg photo ManitobaMaternity-1_zps42ab3202.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-2_zps3a06daf5.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-4_zpsd8087c17.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-5_zpsaf34cb12.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-9_zps3915b759.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-7_zpse576b5c3.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-8_zps0edf835e.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-10_zps71dd4c92.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-11_zpsb705ecec.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-14_zpsffc583cc.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-16_zps0940a50a.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-20_zpsa1bf2235.jpg

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