April 17, 2013

Engaged: Tyler & Heidi

I love how he can make her laugh - her whole face lights up as he whispers in her ear. I love how she sneaks in kisses when he least expects it. I love how they weren't even fazed by all the snow on the ground for their 'spring' engagement photos - they just made it work.

It was so much fun to spend the afternoon with Tyler & Heidi capturing their love. Can't wait for their July wedding!! Hopefully all the snow will be melted by then ;)

 photo WinnipegEngagementPhotgraphy_016_zpsc4a3ae46.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagementPhotgraphy_018_zps3d4f30a3.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagementPhotgraphy_019_zps9f74156e.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagementPhotgraphy_020_zpsb06795d3.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagementPhotgraphy_021_zps17e5a58f.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagementPhotgraphy_022_zpsc96c5c6a.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagementPhotgraphy_023_zps21d4f008.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagementPhotgraphy_024_zps978b694e.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagementPhotgraphy_025_zpsdbc87503.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagementPhotgraphy_026_zps1459b15c.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagementPhotgraphy_027_zpsa37aff19.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagementPhotgraphy_028_zps02e53650.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagementPhotgraphy_029_zps26285e7d.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagementPhotgraphy_030_zpsd5e2d019.jpg
 photo WinnipegEngagementPhotgraphy_031_zpsba345154.jpg

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