April 23, 2013

Maternity Photography: Mallorey & Darren

I think Mallorey & Darren win for the couple I photograph the most. It's so hard to believe that I've captured so many milestones in their lives - dating, engaged, married, and now they are PREGNANT! It is the greatest compliment to have couples repeatedly come back to me - especially a couple as wonderful as these two. I was beyond excited when I learned that Mallorey was expecting!!!

I truly could not be more thrilled for this young family to become three and it was such an honour to document this amazing chapter in their lives. We may have risked hypothermia and frostbitten limbs (who knew we'd have to worry about that in APRIL) but it was totally worth it to make sure we got a shoot in before baby comes!!

 photo ManitobaMaternity-13_zps8825e197.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-1_zps09f8ecdb.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-2_zps72acfe1e.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-4_zpsff0217d4.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-5_zps64b7ae7e.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-7_zps5085ccb0.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-12_zpsd0807494.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-14_zps642168cf.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-11_zps61c527eb.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-8_zpsba09af41.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-10_zpsa6f01b41.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-16_zps557f2a40.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-15_zps77b73a93.jpg
 photo ManitobaMaternity-17_zpsc47fe581.jpg

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