April 15, 2013

Newborn Photography: Bekka

This little girl stole my heart the second I laid eyes on her. She is beyond cute. Truly, it was all I could do to keep from putting my camera down and just cuddling her! Bekka was the perfect baby during our shoot - it was an absolute dream to capture her adorable wiggly little self. I just loved being able to document this special time for this new family of four.

 photo WinnipegNewbornPhotgraphy_002_zpsa6e12fcf.jpg
 photo WinnipegNewbornPhotgraphy_003_zps1f852c67.jpg
 photo WinnipegNewbornPhotgraphy_013_zpsec1118c5.jpg
 photo WinnipegNewbornPhotgraphy_005_zpsca27e2de.jpg
 photo WinnipegNewbornPhotgraphy_009_zpsc973ae39.jpg
 photo WinnipegNewbornPhotgraphy_006_zps27567aa1.jpg
 photo WinnipegNewbornPhotgraphy_008_zpsd9471f8d.jpg
 photo WinnipegNewbornPhotgraphy_010_zps444dcd5b.jpg
 photo WinnipegNewbornPhotgraphy_014_zps32e7ccc4.jpg
 photo WinnipegNewbornPhotgraphy_012_zps87ba92e4.jpg

 photo WinnipegNewbornPhotgraphy_015_zps772eb19d.jpg
 photo WinnipegNewbornPhotgraphy_007_zps889aa46c.jpg

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